Crisis Point Fiction

I like to think I’m doing this whole self-publishing thing because what I want to write is so different than the mainstream. I still haven’t convinced myself if that’s true or not. I read, but I don’t consider myself well-read, especially not in my genre. Except I don’t have a genre. Just a mish-mash of kinda-sorta places where my book fits. In descending order, most accurate to least: Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Occult, Horror, Erotic Horror, Magical Realism, Erotica, Porn.

I love genre fiction. I think that it’s working-man’s fiction. It’s accessible. It helps you escape. It can also say more about controversial topics that literary fiction can, because people will accept it when a unicorn/vampire/gnome does it.

I hate genre fiction. Publishers have continuously taken advantage of that accessibility to dumb it down. I want to slap the next person who is writing a young-adult novel. We’re done. We have all the YA we need. Publishers want more of it because you can get ten-billion fourteen-year-old girls to think alike. That’s harder to do with adults. We need more adult fiction. Especially adult genre fiction that challenges our point of view.

Though in the end, maybe Philip K. Dick said it best, the difference between science fiction and literary fiction is how many times you use the word “fuck.”

What I’m really interested in writing about, genre or no, is the crisis point. The point in your life, where if you have ever made a serious mistake, you suddenly realize you’re not the person you thought you were. You’re not the hero of your own story. Just maybe you’re part of the fucking problem. What do you do after that? When your precious identity has been blown to pieces? Do you make excuses and convince yourself you’re still the good guy? Or do you take all the blame? The truth is always somewhere in between.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not pretentious enough to believe this makes my writing better than anyone else’s. And there will be wizards and demons and shit.

So I guess I’m writing Crisis Point Fiction. Can I get a category on Amazon for that?

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