For more information on these events and other topics, listen to the Geeks Out After Dark podcast – Episode 16, Pre-GenCon Part 1: Events.

Annual Pre-GenCon Drunken Piss Up

Wednesday, August 14th

Join us for the Burlesque Bingo Bango Show at Indy’s White Rabbit Cabaret. Play some sexified Bingo with the fabulous Muncie Brothers and the tantalizing Alabaster Betty. Expect comedy, dancing, and crazy prizes.

The White Rabbit Cabaret is in the heart of Indy’s newest entertainment district–Fountain Square. It’s definitely worth the short drive or cab ride form downtown to experience the restaurants and clubs, like, New Day Meadery, Fountain Square Brewing Co., and Santorini Greek Kitchen.

The White Rabbit Cabaret is at 1116 Prospect Street. Doors open at 8 PM, show starts around 10 PM.

Capo’s Banquet

Saturday, August 17th @ 7:00 PM

Join us at Buca di Bepo in downtown Indy to celebrate our event Honor Amongst Thieves. Honor is a tribute to gangster films and old school City of Greyhawk. You don’t need to be signed up for the event to share some dinner and talk about the good old days of Dungeons & Dragons.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, August 14th by emailing All participants pay their own way.

Buca di Bepo is at 31 N. Illinois Street


Remember, even though an event says it’s sold out, there is always a good chance of having no-shows. In my experience of over a decade of running RPGs at conventions, I can count on one hand the number of times all of the pre-registered players showed. If you want to get into our events or any others, please bring generic tickets and more than likely we can find a seat for you.

More info coming soon, please check back before the con!

James’ Events

RPG1345043       Tales from the Night Shift            Thu @ 10:00 AM               4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness          

Mature 18+    Location: Hyatt :: Directors 2 :: 1 Cost: $4

New owners have hired you to inventory their bookstore. What ancient tomes lay buried? What do the new owners want to do with them?

This event used my own World of Darkness: Mythos rules. Download them for free.


RPG1345044       Immanentize the Eschaton          Thu @ 8:00 PM  4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness

Mature 18+    Location: Omni :: Notre Dame :: 1             Cost: $4

A group of disparate occultists gather at an auction promising to sell esoteric secrets undreamed of. What will you do to acquire that knowledge? What will you do when you get it?


RPG1345046       We Interrupt This Program          Fri @ 2:00 PM    4 hrs      Games System: World of Darkness

 Mature 18+    Location: Omni :: L&N :: 1             Cost: $4

Do you ever feel like you’re not normal? What if what makes you different is what saves you? Geeks vs. Cthulhu!

This event used my own World of Darkness: Mythos rules. Download them for free.


RPG1345045       Honor Amongst Thieves               Sat @ 9:00 PM   4 hrs      Games System: Pathfinder RPG     

Mature 18+    Location: Union Station :: Eerie :: 1

Members of the Greyhawk thieves’ guild plan the ultimate heist, and sniff out a rat at the same time. Old fashioned fantasy RPG meets mafia fun.


Shade’s Events

RPG1345434       Supernatural 7  Thu @ 10:00 AM               4 hrs      Games System: Cinematic Unisytem        

 Mature 18+       Location: JW :: 304 :: 1–2              Cost: $4      

The Winchester boys are swept up in bizarre epic events which require the help of 5 dead hunters to return from the grave.


RPG1345432       American Dad! Does GenCon     Thu @ 8:00 PM  4 hrs     Games System: Cinematic Unisytem       

 Mature 18+        Location: JW :: 302 :: 3–4              Cost: $4                GENERICS ONLY

Play one of the Smith’s (includes Roger, Jeff & Klaus) in a whacky adventure which has ghosts, a van, a female speaking fish, and so many disguises Roger will need a new closet.


RPG1345433       American Dad! Does Gen Con    Fri @ 2:00 PM    4 hrs      Duplicate            

 Mature 18+         Location: JW :: 304 :: 3–4              Cost: $4    


RPG1345431       Honor Amongst Thieves               Sat @ 9:00 PM   4 hrs      Duplicate            

 Mature 18+       Location: Union Station :: Eerie :: 2           Cost: $4 

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