I’m Trying to Sell You Something

There, I got that out of the way. That’s the other thing I’m doing here, I’m trying to sell you some books. I hate doing this. I know my initial reaction to anyone trying to sell me something is fuck you. But I’m in the same boat most of you are. We’ll maybe in the same waters.

I’m a hippy anarchist commie-pinko liberal taker. I dream of a Star Trek world without money. But that’s not today, and until then, the only thing a person can do is try to make a living doing something they like to do, love to do, need to do.

I’ve spent a sizeable portion of my time on this mudball telling stories and learning to write. I have these things running around in my brain that want to get out and need to infect like a meme. The demon monkeys in my head must have their message heard.

Problem is most people are not ready to hear what my demon monkeys have to say. I know this. What I write does not fit into the nice categories that mainstream publishing sells. I have turned to self-publishing not only out of a loathing for the companies that control our culture, but armed well in the knowledge I’m not commercial.

Take sex for example. My upcoming series, My Babylon, contains graphic depictions of abnormal sexual behavior. I believe it needs to be there. I believe it adds to an understanding of the characters and the story, and I put in only the sex that meets the criteria.

But if you look at what the publishing houses have to offer you come to the conclusion there are only porn and not porn. Either your book is about stringing sex scenes together with a pretext of plot, or when the characters get nekkid you turn off the lights. Yeah, I know there are exceptions, but when you’re the new guy, you don’t get to be the exception. Mix that with all the other weirdness in my stories and you have a recipe for rejection.

So I hope by being honest we can talk to each other like human beings and not participants in a commercial transaction.

I’ve got some really weird shit. If you’re weird, if you feel like the big guys are not speaking to you, give me a chance when my books hit the virtual shelves.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled on this blog, follow me on twitter, or join my mailing list. If you found any of this entertaining I guarantee more of the same.

If you’re into totally fucked-up shit, check out my other blog, Scroll of Thoth.

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