Weekly Writer’s Resources Roll Call – Tumblr Edition

Every week I’ll be adding five websites with excellent resources and interesting news for writers.

Goddamn I love tumblr. I love how it’s totally free-form, you can use links, pictures, videos, and text posts as short or as long as you want. I’m sorry to all you twitter fans out there, but tumblr is so much better. I also appreciate the tumblr crowd, as they tend to be more open minded and at times bug-fuck crazy. Just like me.

Here’s five of the more entertaining tumblr blogs that focus on writing. Just like all tumblrs, they won’t just be about writing, and many will be NSFW.

Tuna for Bernadette – http://tunaforbernadette.tumblr.com/

A Writer’s Mind – http://awritersmission.tumblr.com/

Pen America – http://penamerican.tumblr.com/

Life is More Than Just a Script – http://writersscript.tumblr.com/

Prompts and Pointers – http://prompts-and-pointers.tumblr.com/


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